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Does It Matter Which Hand You Wear Your Crystal Bracelet On?


Which hand to wear your crystal bracelet on

It DOES Matter Which Hand You Wear Your Crystal Bracelet On

Our crystal bracelets have become a best-seller in recent years, and we understand why. They provide a multitude of benefits depending on the stone you choose to wear. From confidence to healing – and everything in between – wearing crystals can help give you a boost of energy. However, did you know that the side of your body that you wear a crystal bracelet on can change its effects? While it’s up to you to decide which side is best to wear your bracelet on, evidence from traditional spiritual medicine can help you make an informed decision. Join us for a deep dive. 

Yin - Yang

An Energetic Overview

In the traditional Chinese practice of Taoism, the Yin and Yang represent male and female forces that come together to create everything in the universe. The Yin represents feminine energy, and the Yang represents masculine energy. Since everything in the universe is made of a combination of these two energies, it’s understood that the human body is made of these energies as well. Spiritually, it’s said that the left side of the body is ruled by the Yin, and the right side of the body is ruled by the Yang – meaning that each side of the body has different energetic specialties. This is where the interaction of the crystals comes in – the Yin and Yang forces will each manipulate the energy of the crystals differently.

 The Giving Energies of the Yang – Wearing Your Crystals on The Right Side

The right side represents the masculine or the active and giving side of our being. Some cultures and spiritual practices believe that the right hand is the hand of action and manifestation. The energy that comes from the right side is a projection of your desires, so wearing your crystal bracelets on the right side helps to actively communicate and manifest these energies in the physical world rather than just within your own being.

Additionally, because your energies flow out through the right side it’s the perfect side to wear your cleansing stones on. If you’re hoping to release negative energies then wear a purifying or detoxifying crystal on your right wrist. These will evoke a movement that releases unwanted feelings and emotions. 

 Some examples of the best crystals to wear on your right side: 

 While there are examples of stones that are better used for detoxifying, it really is up to you which stones you wear on your right wrist. Any crystal that has an effect that you would like released from you or projected into the world should be worn on the right wrist. 

Receiving the Feminine Energies of the Left Side

Crystal bracelets worn on left (or right) hand

While the right side of the body is connected to the Yang or “giving” part of our being, the left side is connected to the Yin, our “receiving” side. Some believe that because the left side of our body is closer to the heart, it allows us to receive and distribute healing throughout the entirety of the body. Furthermore, the heart chakra is located on the left side of the body so it’s believed that wearing balancing crystals on this side of the body can help to open and align this chakra. 

 Since the left side is associated with receiving, it’s best to wear crystals that you’d like to have an internal effect on the left side. If you’re looking for a boost of confidence, spiritual or physical healing, or to do some internal reflection – wear your crystal bracelet on the left side of the body. The feminine energy is a nurturing one, so stones that you associate with personal growth, compassion, and relaxation are best worn on this side.

 Some Examples of crystals that are best worn on the left side of the body: 

 You’ll notice that Clear Quartz made both lists – and this is because it is such a functional stone. This gem is the perfect example of something that can have different effects depending on the side of the body you wear it, and the intention that you don it with. Clear Quartz is known as the master healer, so if you’re looking for healing effects – wear it on the left side. It’s also known as a super detoxifier, so wear it on the right side when you’re looking to move negative energies through you.

 It’s All About Balance

Many stones have multifaceted benefits that can be used with either energy. It’s up to you to make a decision about which side of the body you want to wear them on, but remember that balance is key. Continuing to give from your right side without taking from the left will lead to a depletion of energy. While projecting your desires into the world is a powerful thing, it’s important to take some time to reflect and nurture your feminine energy as well. 

 Some people find the best effects come from wearing a stone first on the left to familiarize themselves with and absorb the effects of the energy of the crystal – and they then wear it on the right to emit and project those same effects once they’re familiar with them. 

 The Choice is Yours 

Ultimately, the choice of which side to wear your crystal bracelets on is yours. With these tips, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about which effects you’d like to evoke from your bracelets. A word of caution though – you always want to cleanse and charge your crystals before aligning them with your own energies to dispel anything that may be lingering from their production, it’s an important step that you don’t want to skip. Check out our next blog to learn about cleansing and charging crystals! 

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