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  • Golden Gemstone Bracelets


    Our beautiful stretchy Golden Gemstone Bracelets are crafted with natural semi-precious gemstone beads, gold plated stainless steel and hematite beads, and durable elastic cord. Can be worn on their own or paired with our custom Gemstone Name Bracelets.

    1 Year Guarantee

  • Carnelian Stretch Ring


    Stacked or solo, adorn your fingers with our fabulous Carnelian beaded stretch ring. Our popular gemstone crystal rings not only carry many benefits,  but are highly beneficial for calming anxiety by rolling back and forth on the finger creating a soothing sensation.

    Carnelian promotes ambition, confidence, and happiness, consequently bringing serenity and stability. It can boost your energy level, enhance creativity and restore motivation. You can wear Carnelian to help increase stamina and stimulate passion and desire.

    1 Year Guarantee

  • Spiritual Healing


    Our Spiritual Healing stretch ring is very versatile, and can be worn on it’s own or stacked. It comes in a set of three. The set includes 1 beaded Stainless Steel Band, 1 Gemstone Solitaire Ring, and 1 Triple Stone Ring.

    Carnelian promotes inner peace, and calmness while vitalizing courage, strength, and assertiveness. The frequency of the stone helps to bring the mind and body into a state of calm. Fills the aura with a fiery confidence, stimulating higher energy levels, increased physical strength and endurance, all which foster a sense of self love and security.

    1 Year Guarantee