Turquoise and Tiger’s Eye Stretch Bracelet


Most gems form naturally as minerals within the earth, and are thought to possess powerful emotional and physical healing properties. Turquoise and Tiger’s Eye combined offer an abundance of powerful healing properties, which make this stretch bracelet great to wear, especially during meditation.

Turquoise is reputed to be a protection against outside influences and a healing stone. Turquoise brings serenity, empathy, sensitivity and purity. This grounding stone helps us to be right here, this moment. It unites Heaven and Earth and brings the best of both worlds, to always follow your path and realize your destiny.

Chakra: Throat
Astrological Sign: Pisces, Sagittarius

Tiger’s Eye is a powerful stone that helps one to make decisions with discernment and understanding without being clouded by emotions. It releases feelings of fear and anxiety and replaces them with courage and self-confidence. It helps to accomplish goals while increasing one’s creativity and focus.

Chakra: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus
Astrological Sign: Gemini

1 Year Guarantee



  • 10mm Round Turquoise Gemstones
  • 10mm Round Tiger’s Eye Gemstones
  • Silver Alloy Spacers
  • Durable Stretch Elastic
  • Gemstone properties card included

*See care instructions

Additional information

Weight .061 g
Dimensions 22.86 × 15.24 × 2.54 cm

6.5”, 7”, 7.5”, 8”, 8.5”, 9”